When a Book Becomes a Companion: Mindful Work Part 1

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Work can be difficult but the real difficulty comes when people do not see that work can also be a rich source of satisfaction and enjoyment (Tarthang Tulku, Mastering Successful Work, p. 234)  

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Discover Personal Growth and Fulfillment in Your Job

Imagine what it would be like to come to the realization that, “I actually like to work!” Work is usually seen as a necessity, something that we endure in order to enjoy life outside of work. But what if there is another way? This is what we will be exploring in Mastering Successful Work, the second book in the Skillful Means seriesUsing a body oriented approach to reframing our perspective on work, Mastering Successful Work sheds light on how work itself can offer greater opportunities for self-awareness and personal growth, perhaps even more than what formal meditation alone can achieve.

Mastering Successful Work

Tarthang Tulku’s insightful book, Mastering Successful Work, offers readers clear and powerful guidance on how to embrace transformation and find meaning in any work circumstance. With widely applicable principles and exercises, readers are given the tools to live cheerfully, achieve good results and profit from knowledge. Mastering Successful Work also provides for the expansion of the awareness of successful individuals, helping them uncover a new sense of meaning and quality in their work.

“It starts with the recognition that none of this would have to happen if we had the confidence in our ability to act. It is because our guts are weak that our heart is closed, and it is because our heart is closed that our throat tightens and will not let us feel what is really happening” (Tarthang Tulku, Mastering Successful Work, p. 233)

Exercise O:  Opening the Energy of the Gut

“Whenever you discover escapism, excuses and procrastination coming to the foreground as you work, switch your focus from words and images in the head to the energy of the gut. If you have difficulty making this switch, remind yourself of the goals for which you are working, and let these ‘reasons’ turn into feelings in the heart. Relax the belly and connect the belly with the feelings in the heart” (Mastering Successful Work, p. 255-256).

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Through practical principles and over 80 exercises, Mastering Successful Work provides readers with the opportunity to learn and apply key guiding concepts including:

~ Knowledge, Time and Awareness: Explore the central themes of knowledge, time and awareness and how these elements can be used effectively to shape and improve the work experience.
~ Building Structures for Accomplishment:  Learn the importance of paying attention, taking responsibility, embracing discipline, fostering effective communication and sharing knowledge in order to excel in work and contribute to a harmonious work environment.
~ Transforming Attitude and Approaches:  Step into your full potential by recognizing and overcoming negative patterns, cultivating a positive mindset, and breaking free from limiting beliefs and habits.
~ Advanced Tools and Exercises for Transformation:  Refine skills and expand capabilities on the journey towards mastery with advanced supplemental exercises, good business practices and practical guides for professional success. 

Customer Reviews

Mastering Successful Work has consistently received top reviews from readers. Here are just a few reviews:

~ Fog Lifter: "You've heard of "fog lifter" coffee; well, this book is the supreme fog lifter for working individuals of all makes and models -- anyone who struggles, even periodically, with distraction, procrastination and unconscious self-sabotage of the cycle of abundance." (llull)
~ Buddhist Advice for People in the Real World: "Mastering Successful Work" is one of the most practical, useful Buddhist books you will ever read. If you have ever wondered how to live as a Buddhist in the world (AND be successful in both your Buddhism and your job) then this is the book for you...He explains to us how we can make our work a meaningful part of our spiritual life, not an impediment to it." (Arthur Boorman)
~ An Excellent Sequel That Dives Deeper: "I highly recommend this book to anyone stuck in a job they cannot get out of, but still seek to find fulfillment through their work." (Nolan Guiffre)

May you enjoy this book as much as we are by sharing it.

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