When A Book Becomes a Companion: Mindful Work Part 2

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“When we have the discipline not to break the flow of what we are doing, awareness, concentration and energy build naturally. Fully involved, we experience a deep enjoyment” (Tarthang Tulku, Mastering Successful Work, p. 118).  

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Experience Deep Enjoyment and Increased Productivity at Work

Are you ready to increase your productivity and experience deeper enjoyment at work?  In this episode of the mindful work practices explored in Mastering Successful Work, we will present the transformative benefits of utilizing awareness, concentration and energy as essential components for success. By cultivating a healthy interplay between these three resources, we increase clarity and flexibility in responding to situations as they arise. As a result, we experience more lightness and joy in whatever we are doing. Discovering the proper balance between awareness, concentration and energy establishes the groundwork for personal and professional success.

“When awareness is missing, time slips away and we cannot do the job” (Tarthang Tulku, Mastering Successful Work, p. 120).

Exercise 37:  Chart of Self-Discovery


The basic exercise is to chart the rise and fall of each factor throughout the day. At each checkpoint, be alert for negative judgments or feelings of guilt that discourage further effort. In addition to charting each factor separately, note their interplay. A rule of thumb for spotting imbalances is that the factor operating at the lowest level needs to be functioning at least half as effectively as the highest factor (Tarthang Tulku, Mastering Successful Work, p. 127).


When it comes to concentration, certain qualities can either enhance or hinder it. On the positive side, we have traits like being devoted, involved, studious, engaged, contemplative, and focused. These qualities demonstrate loyalty, persistence, and steadfast intent. In contrast, negative qualities like wandering, restlessness, and indecisiveness disrupt concentration. These qualities often result in bewilderment, feeling lost and a lack of stability.


Certain qualities can amplify or dampen the presence of awareness in our daily life. On the positive side, we have traits like attentiveness, mindfulness, consideration, alertness, respectfulness and diligence. These qualities demonstrate a caring and enthusiastic attitude as well as an attention to detail, precision and subtlety. They reflect receptivity and an appreciation for nuance.  On the other hand, negative qualities such as thoughtlessness, inconsideration, boredom, indifference and carelessness can decrease awareness. These often present in our life in ways such as becoming distracted, negligent and insensitive towards others or the task at hand.   


Specific qualities can either fuel or deplete energy. On the positive side, we have attributes like being active, lively, vigorous, diligent and enterprising. These qualities result in enthusiasm, inspiration and warmth. In opposition, negative qualities such as idleness, dullness, laziness and weariness can deplete our energy. These negative qualities can result in feeling weak, powerless, ineffective, helpless and discouraged. 


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Through practical principles and over 80 exercises, Mastering Successful Work provides readers with the opportunity to learn and apply key guiding concepts including:

~ Knowledge, Time and Awareness: Explore the central themes of knowledge, time and awareness and how these elements can be used effectively to shape and improve the work experience.
~ Building Structures for Accomplishment:  Learn the importance of paying attention, taking responsibility, embracing discipline, fostering effective communication and sharing knowledge in order to excel in work and contribute to a harmonious work environment.
~ Transforming Attitude and Approaches:  Step into your full potential by recognizing and overcoming negative patterns, cultivating a positive mindset, and breaking free from limiting beliefs and habits.
~ Advanced Tools and Exercises for Transformation:  Refine skills and expand capabilities on the journey towards mastery with advanced supplemental exercises, good business practices and practical guides for professional success. 

Customer Reviews

Mastering Successful Work has consistently received top reviews from readers. Here are just a few reviews:

~ Fog Lifter: "You've heard of "fog lifter" coffee; well, this book is the supreme fog lifter for working individuals of all makes and models -- anyone who struggles, even periodically, with distraction, procrastination and unconscious self-sabotage of the cycle of abundance." (llull)
~ Buddhist Advice for People in the Real World: "Mastering Successful Work" is one of the most practical, useful Buddhist books you will ever read. If you have ever wondered how to live as a Buddhist in the world (AND be successful in both your Buddhism and your job) then this is the book for you...He explains to us how we can make our work a meaningful part of our spiritual life, not an impediment to it." (Arthur Boorman)
~ An Excellent Sequel That Dives Deeper: "I highly recommend this book to anyone stuck in a job they cannot get out of, but still seek to find fulfillment through their work." (Nolan Guiffre)

May you enjoy this book as much as we are by sharing it.

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