When a Book Becomes a Companion: The Path of Beauty Series

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Discover the meditative significance of the beauty that is woven intricately into daily life through our “Path of Beauty” garden book series by Tarthang Tulku. This collection of books provides spiritual nourishment through the senses and a deep appreciation of the aesthetic realm. Join us in exploring contemplations from this series as we enjoy life’s beauty in its most ordinary yet extraordinary forms.

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Mandala Gardens

The Presence of Beauty: Mandala Gardens pairs lovingly produced photographs with Tarthang Tulku’s extended meditations on the potency of beauty for spiritual healing.


"Cherishing beauty is the secret key to opening the heart." (Mandala Gardens, p. 34)

A Garland of Flowers: Beauty of the Odiyan Mandala

Relishing What is Freely Offered: A Garland of Flowers delights with beautiful photographs, Tarthang Tulku's evocative captions and a historical context for Odiyan’s significance.


“If we pay attention to her many examples, nature might teach us delicacy and patience so that we could touch each moment gently, drinking deeply of the nectar of the freshest experience.” (A Garland of Flowers: Beauty of the Odiyan Mandala, p. 41)

Seeing the Beauty of Being

 Appreciation Becomes MeditationShowcasing the beauty of the Odiyan Mandala with stunning photographs and poetic captions, Seeing the Beauty of Being provides an intimate view of Odiyan with maps and a flora index.


“Appreciation of nature’s extraordinary display becomes the meditation we need to nourish our soul. Here is the end of loneliness, the discovery of endless satisfaction like reading poetry, listening to fine music or conversing with a good friend.” (Seeing the Beauty of Being, p. 48)

Lotus Mandala: Sacred Garden

Caring, Noticing, Sacredness: Organized by season, Lotus Mandala weaves together deceptively simple wisdom with the humble details of daily life. 


“Our present moment has no clear starting or ending point - yet it is occurring” (Lotus Mandala: Sacred Garden, p. 258)

Love of Beauty

Reflections of Beauty: In Love of Beauty, we can catch a glimpse of our own beauty reflected in the face of a rose as it emerges from deep within us.


“O heart, I have wandered far away. Now I need to retrace my steps. As long as I live, let me dwell in your presence. I want to meet you, to be with you, to unite with you.” (Love of Beauty, p. 78)

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Customer Reviews

Balance to the World: "Love of Beauty woke up in me the most exquisite and delicate sensations, meaningful, loving and deep feelings; inspiring me as well stimulating new ideas of peace, balance and goodness to the world." (Silvina Villafane)

This book is an inspired and inspiring offering of images: "Garland of Flowers is an inspired and inspiring offering of images and messages to nourish our psyches and open our hearts." (Online customer)

May you enjoy these books as much as we do by sharing them.

Path of Beauty Retreat

September 15 - 17: "The Love of Beauty: A Meditation Retreat in Nature" ~ Weekend Retreat at Ratna Ling Retreat Center
Based on Love of Beauty by Tarthang Tulku
With Maria Helena Kubrusly
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