When a Book Becomes a Companion: Gesture of Balance

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Our beloved classic, Gesture of Balance, is one of the most widely-read books on meditation. It speaks to the reader like a good friend offering ways to clear away confusion, strengthen self-confidence and brighten everyday life with meaning and joy. The simple guidance presented in this book will open rich dimensions of peace and balance when taken to heart and nurtured in the quietude of meditation. Come join us as we explore how the profound insights introduced in Gesture of Balance relate to our daily life. 


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“Compassion is the bridge, the spiritual foundation for peace, harmony and balance.” (Gesture of Balance, p. 39)

“We have to be able to look inwardly to discover the subtleties of our present experience.” (Gesture of Balance, p. 10)

Practice Exercise

Gesture of Balance offers many simple and specific awareness practices for developing our inner resources and awakening our body, mind and senses. We learn through these practices that we can balance our emotions and help to heal ourselves. In this practice exercise, we explore how specific areas of the body relate to various emotional and physical concerns. When one area is very tight or constricted, for example, focus your energy there and try to relax and loosen the tension. Or, if another area is either particularly active or very dull, work to bring energy away from or toward that area. When we place focused energy and awareness on specific areas of the body, we can learn how to work with our energy finding balance and harmony. Identify which areas of concern are present for you now and focus on the corresponding area of the body:

Physical Energy Blockage or Feeling Sick or Afraid: Concentrate on the stomach at a point below the navel

Lonely or Wanting to Develop Compassion and Joy: Concentrate on the heart center

Nervous, Dissatisfied or Needing Emotional Balance: Concentrate on the throat center

Lack of Focus, Dreamy or Feeling Lost: Concentrate on the crown of the head or the point on the forehead between the eyes


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Customer Reviews

The most practical explanation of mindfulness in practice: “I've purchased this book many times for many people including myself. One of the best books you could ever read.” (Greg Dennison)

For all times and beings!: “Absolutely magnificent and accessible guidelines - for experienced practitioners ever deepening. Timeless Treasure. Highly recommend!” (Katilyn)

Pure truth: “The truth in these pages is evident. But more, there are often some surprising statements that call one to reassess our basis of knowledge and the ability and paths to growth.” (latete)

Outstanding book on meditation and healing: “One of the best treatments of mindfulness and meditation that I have ever read.” (Dr. Keith R. Barron)

Delightful and Profound: “I first bought this book 22 years ago. It resonated strongly with me. The suggestions are practical and accessible. I have read this book so many times since then and find it enjoyable and valuable every time I read it. I have given countless copies as gifts as this book is both profound and delightful.” (Snow Empress)


For Further Exploration

There are multiple avenues for working with the ideas presented in Gesture of Balance in greater depth. Individuals can turn to this book for comfort and inspiration during difficult times or use it as a daily reference for personal guidance. Meaningful conversations can arise from reflecting on just a few sentences when it is used in study groups. You can also enroll in an upcoming course for instructional guidance:

Dharma College Explore Course Here
Life Reimagined: Balance, Self-Care, and the Healing Power of Ease
with Dr. Elon Goldstein and Simon Cook
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May you enjoy this book as much as we are by sharing it.


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