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Come explore time, space and knowledge (TSK) as three aspects of being. In this blog, we delve into the transformative TSK vision presented by Tarthang Tulku. In Inside Knowledge, we have a wide range of TSK materials developed over 35 years and integrated into a coherent whole. TSK originally emerged as a response to the unique qualities and challenges of a troubled era and has supported people in moving beyond the constraints of conventional thinking. With TSK, you are invited to experience life as a magnificent interplay between space and time and the ever-present knowledge that participates in it all. 

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“If we can see clearly that it’s space, time and knowledge that are involved, rather than ‘me’, this has the immediate effect of freeing us from tensions, fears and limiting habits.” (Inside Knowledge, p. 55)

“We have adopted a narrow approach toward knowledge, turning it into a prized possession. But our attempts to hold on to knowledge have a paradoxical effect. Instead of opening freely, knowledge is cut off, forced into tight corners.” (Inside Knowledge, p. 86)


Think for a minute about the problems you have in the course of a typical day.  Try to imagine how you would face those problems if ‘you’ knew that they were space and time presenting situations to knowledge itself rather than to ‘you’. If our problems become understood as the play of space and time which are comprehended by knowledge itself, we are freed of emotionality. This allows for many more options.

One way to set knowledge free is to rethink the most simple and fundamental questions: Who am I? What am I doing on this earth? How shall I use my time? It is easy enough to come up with answers. But these are just words. Can we invite time and space to give the answers?


TSK Exercise 12: Space between Thoughts

“As you observe your thoughts passing, watch very sensitively for the moment when one thought ends and another arises. This transition is very quick and subtle, but involves the momentary availability of a space which you can contact and even expand. This space has a quality of openness, free from the usual discursive and discriminative thinking.” (Inside Knowledge, p. 211)

Try it Out: Be aware of how you are reacting to what happens throughout the day. Observe the judgments you make, the likes and dislikes you form, and the byways taken by your mind. Instead of focusing only on the content of your experience, consider how it arises as experience.



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Through a collection of essays and material that offer a personal approach to the TSK vision as well as interviews with Tarthang Tulku, Inside Knowledge provides practical principles and exercises that invite the reader to live with a newfound sense of adventure and openness. 


Customer Reviews

“I regard the TSK vision as a contemporary revelation, and personally believe that by acknowledging and experientially exploring that we are space, time and knowingness, we may more easily rise beyond the customary identification with our bodies and passions. I am glad for this publication.” (Claudio Naranjo, author of Healing Civilization, Founder of SAT Institute and Member of the Global Education Futures Forum)

“The TSK vision brings people “inside knowledge” in new and provocative ways. I have never found a more powerful mode of inquiry into what and how we see, and appreciate the opportunity to discover new possibilities through the present work.” (Andrew O. Fort, Profession of Religion, Texas Christian University)

May you enjoy this book as much as we are by sharing it.

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