Practices and Exercises: Mastering Successful Work (Part 1)

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Mastering Successful Work by Tarthang Tulku serves as a transformative guide, empowering readers to infuse the prospect of achieving benefit in all aspects of their lives; and encourages a pathway of inquiry to harness work as a catalyst for personal growth and profound realization. Its principles and methodologies transcend boundaries, offering invaluable insights applicable to diverse disciplines and circumstances.

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"Each of us needs to think through for ourselves why we work and whether we truly wish to bring our full energy and resolve to our work. If we take seriously the opportunity it offers, work can become a pathway to knowledge rich in satisfaction and accomplishment" (Mastering Successful Work, p. 12).

"The human spirit loves to explore freely and to fulfill its possibilities. We can tap into this dynamic adventurous force and let it empower us to prosper and achieve our goals" (Mastering Successful Work, p. 43).

Steps to Practice

The traditional model for learning and the development of wisdom in Buddhism is called hearing, reflecting, and meditating. From the work of Tarthang Tulku, the West can take small steps in developing the path of inquiry to wisdom with steady practice and the exploration of these three steps:


Whether through literal listening or reading, here an individual begins their journey by stripping away preconceived filters to open themselves to new information and the viewpoint that is being expressed.


Once we have taken in the considered viewpoint, the act of reflection allows us to compare our own experiences and consider what are the first steps in integrating this information into our lives. Keeping a journal can be a useful tool for reflecting on one’s life and exploring thoughts and ideas that may arise while traveling this new path of inquiry. It provides a safe space to examine daily responsibilities and gain insight into our daily practices. While Mastering Successful Work may help open a door, the ultimate responsibility of walking the path of change lies with the individual. By reflecting on our responsibilities, we can truly begin to see how we can introduce new approaches to our lives.

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While traditional meditation is an essential aspect of the inquiry process, this step primarily involves integrating what you have learned in a way that has a lasting impact on your life. It is essential to remember that the goal is not perfection but to cultivate and nourish the practice. Let’s begin by taking the first small step.

Exercise G: One Small Step

“Here is a short-term goal you can practice at any time. Tell yourself: ‘Today I will not make discouraging pronouncements to myself or to other people.’

If you succeed in doing this, congratulate yourself. Remember that there are many people who would be unable to take such a step, and dedicate your success to their welfare” (Mastering Successful Work, p. 250).



Customer Reviews

Buddhist advice for people in the real world: “‘Mastering Successful Work’ is one of the most practical, useful Buddhist books you will ever read. If you have ever wondered how to live as a Buddhist in the world (AND be successful in both your Buddhism and your job) then this is the book for you” (Arthur Boorman).

An Excellent Sequel That Dives Deeper: “When I first started working with the Skillful Means program, I found that I was enjoying and even looking forward to work. I highly recommend this book to anyone stuck in a job they cannot get out of, but still seek to find fulfillment through their work” (Nolan Guiffre).

Fog Lifter: “This book has taught me again and again how to overcome habitual tendencies at work and focus, in a kind manner, on the "awareness - concentration - energy" needed for successful completion of work projects and career goals” (A Customer).

May you enjoy this book as much as we are by sharing it.

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