When a Book Becomes A Companion: Revelations of Mind

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Come explore Revelations of Mind and embark on a journey of self-understanding. Revelations of Mind provides the opportunity to learn new ways of engaging in your life experience enabling your perception of the world to shift. Tarthang Tulku states, "Our mind is the creator of all we experience, yet we suffer for we do not understand the creator or the creation. We can make our mind our best friend and our most reliable companion." By developing a clear understanding of the mind, you can attain a sense of deep relaxation. Join us as we share how this book can help your heart find healing from the wounds of misunderstanding.



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“We are not talking about history. We are talking about life. This is not our own little story and it is not past history we are recording. It is the way our minds are operating. It is living history. Living experience” (Revelations of Mind, p. xi).


Contemplation: How Mind Highjacks Understanding

"Mind continues, tirelessly playing its role, occupying us with trivia, distracting, nagging, reminding, tormenting and torturing us, top to bottom and point to point.
'I need to answer this call or that letter. I need to do these errands. But why do I feel so much urgency behind these minor tasks when there is something more important that I want to do?'
Mind does not reply, but continues on its track: 'Do you have the list? Are you carrying it? Are you working to get your jobs done?'
There is the one who directs, and there is the one who does. Thinking we are in charge, we may never notice the one who directs because it is designed into the system.
We only have the list"
(Revelations of Mind, p. 261).


"Our duty is not to beat ourselves up with our shortcomings, but to understand how the mind works...and consider how we may be contributing to our difficulties" (Revelations of Mind, p. 202).

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Customer Reviews

Deep and Stimulating: Revelations of Mind has opened and called me to a vision of aspects of the mind that invite me to a new meaningful and felt language, offering me deep and stimulating reflections” (Silvina Villafane).


For Further Study

There are multiple avenues available for individuals seeking to explore the concepts presented in Revelations of Mind. In the preceding video, Dan Albers offers three steps for increasing comprehension. Initially read Revelations of Mind all the way through focusing on understanding language and writing style. Follow this with a second reading taking time to pause and make note of areas of interest for further contemplation. Lastly, read a third time reflecting more deeply on intriguing concepts, possibly using a journal to capture insights and awareness. 

Another avenue for further study is provided by the illuminating commentary on Revelations of Mind by Richard Dixey. Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits, Volumes 1 and engage readers in an open inquiry with practical and meditative dimensions. 

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May you enjoy this book as much as we are by sharing it.

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